5 Tips to Keep Your AC System Up and Running This Summer


Forget about Spring — summer is right around the corner. With rising temperatures and the high cost of living, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to break down in the middle of the season. You also want to ensure it’s working efficiently so you and your family stay cool while your energy bills stay low.

Here are the top tips from the professionals on how to do just that:

1. Upgrade Your Unit

AC systems are designed to last up to 25 years. However, they begin to lose efficiency as they age — especially without proper maintenance. A few telltale signs that it’s time for a new AC unit include:

  • Unusual sounds are smells when turned on
  • The need for constant repairs
  • Inefficient cooling throughout the rooms of your home
  • A malfunctioning thermostat
  • High energy bills

If you do have to upgrade your AC unit, choose a model with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of at least 14.

2. Make Sure Your Filters Are Clean

Your air conditioning system is constantly sucking in dirt, dust, and debris as it collects air to circulate. When your AC filters become dirty and gunked up because of this, they begin to lose their efficiency, and the airflow becomes limited.

To ensure your AC unit is ready for summer, make sure you clean or change the filters consistently.

3. Keep The AC System Clear

Air conditioning systems depend on adequate air circulation to perform properly. Therefore, you must keep the area surrounding your AC unit clean and clear of any debris or vegetation that may be growing around it to ensure adequate airflow.

4. Reduce Instances of Heat Gain

Heat gain refers to the amount of heat that enters your home through various sources, including the sun, appliances, and electronics. Heat gain directly equates to higher energy consumption, as your air conditioning system will have to work harder to mitigate the higher indoor temperatures.

To reduce heat gain, you’ll want to take the steps to:

  • Seal any gaps, cracks, and holes around doors, windows, and ductwork
  • Insulate your attic efficiently to prevent air loss
  • Invest in energy-efficient windows (or window tint screens)
  • Add awnings, curtains, or blinds to block the sun’s rays
  • Plant trees and shrubs around your home for extra shade

Reducing instances of heat gain will prevent your air conditioning system from going into overdrive and possibly burning out at the most inconvenient time.

5. Schedule Regular AC System Maintenance

Keeping up with AC system maintenance is crucial to the health and longevity of your system. While you can carry out the above tips on your own, it’s best to leave HVAC and AC system maintenance up to the professionals.

AC technicians are trained to work with the various units out there. They know how to keep your air conditioning system clean and in good working order from the inside out, so it’ll last for years to come.

Keeping an eye on your air conditioning system and getting your home ready for summer is the best way to ensure comfortable indoor temperatures and better air quality. Let the professionals at Upgrade Home Services help you get your AC system ready for summer. Contact us today to schedule your AC syst
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